Flat Fee Trademark Lawyer

We offer our most popular trademark search and trademark application services on an affordable flat fee basis so that you can plan your budget with confidence.


Flat fee Trademark search

Our premium comprehensive trademark search is always available for a flat fee.  This search is far-reaching, and includes USPTO registered and applied for marks, common law marks including online uses, company names and trade names, domain names, and state trademark registrations.  Before you start using a new trademark or apply for registration, make sure to conduct a comprehensive trademark search.  Be smart and hire flat fee trademark lawyer Thomas M. Wilentz to conduct the search and give you an attorney opinion as to the availability of your proposed mark for use and registration.


Flat fee Trademark Application

If for some reason you do not want a comprehensive search conducted, we can still help you with the preparation of your trademark application.  A well-drafted application can save you money by lessening the necessity for responses to USPTO inquiries and help to avoid the kind of mistakes that can even result in the need to file a completely new application.

Remember - consultation with flat fee trademark lawyer Thomas M. Wilentz is included with your flat fee trademark search or flat fee trademark application.  Call today to get started!

What do you get when you hire Flat Fee Trademark Lawyer Thomas M. Wilentz?

  • 1. Experience – Thomas M. Wilentz has been practicing law and focusing on trademarks since 2000. After founding his own firm in 2003 Thomas M. Wilentz has focused almost exclusively on trademark matters.
  • 2. Trustworthiness – It goes without saying that your lawyer must be honest. Thomas M. Wilentz holds himself to a high standard in terms of forthrightness and honesty in his dealings with clients and the USPTO.
  • 3. Accessibility – One of the most important things an attorney must do is to be responsive to clients.  It is firm policy is to return clients’ telephone calls immediately whenever possible, and to promptly respond to all emails and other communications. You, the client, should know your concerns are my concerns.
  • 4. Dedication – once you become a client of the firm, I will do my best to advise you and assist you to achieve the best outcome for your trademark matter. I ask that you listen to my advice and act on it so that it will benefit you. As an attorney I believe it’s important not only to work to get the best outcome for the client, but to care about achieving that outcome as a matter of personal integrity.