You have worked hard to establish your business. When it comes to your trademarks, you need an attorney who will work hard for you. Thomas M. Wilentz, Attorney at Law, PLLC will guide and advise you in your efforts to develop strong, protectable trademarks. We will recommend effective methods to lower your risk as you expand your trademark portfolio.

Focused on the specific needs of each client, the firm provides low cost trademark registration services to assist clients through the trademark selection, clearance and application process.


A graduate of Columbia Law School with honors, Thomas M. Wilentz began his legal career as a trademark attorney in the trademark group at a well known Park Avenue law firm, and now handles client trademark matters, including trademark clearance and prosecution and representation before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Mr. Wilentz assists his clients in establishing trademark rights, securing registrations for their trademarks and defending their rights against infringement or claims from overly aggressive competitors. It is the policy of the firm to provide prompt, reliable and responsive service to every client for every matter.

Trademark Applications

The firm's low cost trademark application practice focuses on advising each client with the goal that the client's trademark should function as a strong brand name, and be free of conflicts with other prior existing trademarks. We endeavor to accomplish this by first advising the client of any inherent problems with the proposed trademark. Following this, a comprehensive trademark search is recommended to ascertain whether the proposed mark may cause difficulties because of a similarity with a prior existing trademark already in use by another party. Mr. Wilentz draws on his years of experience as a trademark lawyer in interpreting the results of the comprehensive trademark search, and provides the client with a written attorney opinion letter.

Once a trademark has been selected, reviewed for any inherent problems, and cleared through a comprehensive trademark search, Mr. Wilentz will draft the application for federal trademark registration, paying close attention to each detail. This can enable the application to be approved without need for any further communications with the USPTO.

The firm's trademark clearance and prosecution practice is focused on the needs of small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs. Clients get the benefit of Mr. Wilentz' many years of experience reviewing trademark search reports. This can help the firm's clients avoid adopting and using a trademark that conflicts with prior marks belonging to other companies. Clients also get the benefit of Mr. Wilentz' many years of experience dealing with the USPTO. Mr. Wilentz will endeavor to obtain all the necessary information about your trademark, and use that information to draft a trademark application that is accurate and complete, with the goal that it should withstand the scrutiny of the trademark examiners at the USPTO.

The firm provides flat fee trademark search and flat fee trademark application services. By offering these low cost trademark registration services at cost effective flat fees we can help our clients save significant amounts of money.

Office Action Responses

As an experienced trademark attorney, Mr. Wilentz is well versed in responding to office action letters issued by trademark examining attorneys at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Wilentz will evaluate your office action free of charge and let you know if there is a fair chance to get your trademark application approved. If you decide to hire Mr. Wilentz to draft a response to the office action, cost effective flat rates are available.

Trademark Monitoring

Mr. Wilentz also offers trademark monitoring services for his clients. This service is designed to protect the client's trademark by periodically reviewing the records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and additional sources, depending on the monitoring service requested, for applications to register, or use of, confusingly similar marks.

Other Services

The firm offers a variety of services, including representation in cancellation and opposition proceedings at the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Please click on the buttons on the left to learn more about the services offered by the firm.

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