TMW Law Is Not A Trademark Factory

Our firm is not a trademark application factory. We are a boutique trademark law firm. We do not claim to be top-ranked based on the number of trademark applications we have filed, and it is not our goal to file as many applications as possible. It is our belief that the quality of the service we provide is much more important than the quantity of trademark applications we file. We focus on advising our clients so that they can adopt, use and register strong, protectable trademarks. We focus on educating our clients so they can get trademark smart and avoid costly mistakes.

Our standing recommendation is to conduct a comprehensive trademark search prior to using or applying to register any new trademark. One of the main purposes behind the comprehensive search is the avoidance of costly legal disputes that may result from use of improperly cleared trademarks.

Topics we may discuss with you, depending on your proposed mark and your goods/services including the following: the suitability of your mark for your goods or services, the strength of the mark, unintended connotations of your proposed mark, how to properly use your mark, potential statutory refusals to register the mark and other issues as may pertain to your particular circumstances.


File a Trademark Application with Experienced Lawyer

If you are looking for a firm to simply take your information and draft and file your trademark application, we are not the firm for you. But if you want to be educated so you can be trademark smart, if you want thoughtful advice pertaining to your situation,and if you want an experienced trademark attorney on your team to guide you and to clear your trademarks and prosecute your trademark applications, please give us a call.

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