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If you are interested in making an application for federal registration of your trademark or service mark, Mr. Wilentz can search your mark, and draft and file your trademark application with the USPTO.


Exact Match Screening

Exact Match USPTO & State TM Screening: This service is a screening of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and all 50 State trademark registers. It includes USPTO pending applications, registered marks, and state registered marks. The Exact Match screening searches only for the exact term or phrase you provide plus up to two alternate formations of the proposed trademark term or phrase. Please note that this is a preliminary screening and does not substitute for a comprehensive trademark search, which is recommended to all clients prior to adopting, using or applying to register any trademark.

Premium Comprehensive Search

Premium Comprehensive Trademark Search with Attorney Opinion Letter: This is a survey of use of the client’s proposed mark, and other similar marks, used in connection with identical, similar or related goods and/or services. The Premium Comprehensive Search covers federal registrations and applications, state registrations, common law trademarks, domain names, internet (web) trademarks, and company names. Mr. Wilentz will review the search report and draft an attorney opinion letter setting forth the likely availability of the proposed mark. You will receive a copy of the search report itself, plus the attorney opinion letter as to the likely availability of your proposed mark for use and registration in the United States.

Trademark Applications

If the comprehensive trademark search indicates the mark is available, we can draft and file an application to register the mark with the USPTO.  As part of this service, we will also monitor the progress of the application and notify you of any necessary responses to USPTO office actions or inquiries.

*Past results do not guarantee a similar outcome