A word about Trademark Attorney Cost and Trademark Attorney fees

You may wonder

Doesn't a trademark lawyer cost a lot?

Not if you hire us.  Our flat fee trademark registration services and flat fee trademark searches are available at low cost. 

Doesn't a trademark attorney cost more than just filing the trademark application myself or using a trademark "agent" like Legal Zoom?


Yes. A trademark attorney costs more than doing it yourself or hiring an agent who cannot provide you with any legal advice or legal services.  A trademark attorney costs more because a trademark attorney provides you with a valuable service – just like going to a doctor costs more than diagnosing and treating your illness yourself.  You ask "doesn't a trademark attorney cost more" than doing it yourself.  Yes it does – but it's much more likely to be effective and get you the desired result.

Why does using a trademark lawyer cost so much?

It doesn't. Our fees for advice and preparation of a new trademark application are as low as $295.00. That's not much at all when you consider the value the trademark may acquire.

How much does a trademark attorney cost? 

Our trademark attorney fees are very reasonable without compromising our level of service. This is possible thanks to low overhead.

A word about Trademark Attorney Fees

Trademark lawyer fees range from the cheap to the reasonable to the overpriced to the ridiculous.  If the trademark lawyer fees are too low (cheap) there is probably a hidden cost – either in the form of unstated additional expenses or below par services.  If the trademark lawyer fees are overpriced or ridiculous you will be probably paying too much – although if a lawyer is charging ridiculously high fees the lawyer may provide exceptional service in return.  We work hard to keep our trademark attorney fees reasonable.  Our firm's fees are priced to be reasonable and affordable for small businesses and start-ups while still providing excellent service.  We try to provide the best service possible at the best price.  Our fees for our most popular trademark search and trademark registration services are designed to be affordable and are kept low by keeping our overhead low.  

To Summarize:

Trademark lawyer cost is not high when you consider the value your trademark may acquire – but be sure to hire a trademark attorney who does require overpriced or ridiculously high trademark attorney fees.  And watch out for cheap trademark lawyer fees.  It is a cliché but it's usually true that you get what your pay for – and on the flip side, you don't get what you don't pay for.