I have been helping trademark owners secure their rights since October, 2000, when I began work at Kelley Drye & Warren in New York City.  I enjoyed working in Kelley Drye’s  intellectual property group very much, but I quit in 2003 so I could form my own firm focusing on trademark law. My firm, Thomas M. Wilentz, Attorney at Law, PLLC, was established in August 2003, and we’ve been helping clients ever since.

I always knew that a legal career might be in the cards. My grandfather, David T. Wilentz, was the New Jersey attorney general who prosecuted the Lindbergh kidnapping case.  And my father, Robert N. Wilentz, was the chief justice of the Supreme Court of New Jersey from 1979 - 1996. 

Those are big shoes to fill, and I will never be able to fill them.  But with this background, it’s no surprise that I take my work as an attorney very seriously. It is important to me – both on a personal and professional level - to uphold the reputation of the legal profession, and in order to do that two things are absolutely indispensable:  1) honesty in all dealings with clients; and 2) an unwavering commitment to consistently exert best efforts to obtain a favorable result for the client. 

Clients’ interests are most effectively served by obtaining sound guidance from an honest, experienced attorney at a fair cost.  That’s our commitment to you.

Low cost trademark attorney services provided by an honest, experienced trademark attorney.  That is my commitment to you.