Low Cost Trademark Registration Services

One of the obvious advantages of hiring a low cost trademark attorney for your flat fee trademark search is that you’ll know in advance what your cost for the search will be.  And if you hire my firm, you’ll get a high quality low cost trademark search, complete with an attorney opinion letter as to the availability of your proposed trademark.

I know that entrepreneurs and start-ups are looking for ways to save money – and that includes saving money when it comes to protecting trademark rights.  My firm strives to save our clients money while still proving the highest quality low fee trademark registration services. 

Once your low fee trademark search has been conducted and you have reviewed your attorney opinion letter, it’s time to take the next step.  Assuming the opinion indicates the mark is likely available, we can begin drafting the trademark application.  Once we have completed the initial draft of your low fee trademark application, you will be provided with a filing order for your review and comments.  Once you have reviewed the filing order and approved it, we will file your trademark application with the USPTO.  All this is done for a low flat fee, which is why we call it a flat fee trademark application.

If you have recently had a search conducted, or for some reason you do not want to search before filing, we can prepare a low cost flat fee trademark application and file it with the USPTO.  As with our low fee trademark search, you will know your cost to get the application filed from the outset. 

Know the facts

Trademark application prosecution may involve some additional work beyond the drafting and filing of the application, depending on the basis of the application and how the application is handled by the USPTO.  Some of this additional work may result in additional costs incurred during the prosecution of the application.  This additional work can usually be done for a low cost flat fee, agreed upon before any additional services are performed.  As a low cost trademark lawyer, I always work with my clients to try to keep the costs of projects within their budgets.

Flat fee trademark lawyer

When it comes to trademark searches, opinion letters and preparing and filing trademark applications, as well as selected other services, my firm operates as a flat fee trademark lawyer.  Like any flat fee trademark attorney, I provide certain legal services for flat fees to assist our clients with planning and budgeting of their intellectual property management costs. We offer flat fee trademark registration services – namely the flat fee trademark search & opinion letter and flat fee drafting and filing of your trademark application.  It is important that you as a prospective client understand that additional fees may arise during prosecution of your trademark application – for example, preparing and filing a statement of use (if your application was based on intent to use) or responding to an office action issued by the USPTO.  These additional services can ordinarily be performed on a flat fee basis.