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For startups or established companies wishing to introduce a new product or service. We recommend the following:

Premium Comprehensive Trademark Search
Includes copy of comprehensive trademark search report, written attorney opinion letter and follow-up telephone consultation plus a copy of our client trademark law primer Get Trademark Smart!

This industry-standard search is designed to give you the necessary information and legal counseling so that you can make an informed decision as to whether your proposed mark is available for use and registration.  It covers USPTO exact, formative and similar marks for related goods or services; all 50 U.S. state registered trademarks, common law uses including web common law, business names and domain names, company names and newspaper references.

*As part of this service feel free to telephone our office and ask us about important trademark law concepts such as Common law trademark rights, registration rights, infringement, likelihood of confusion, descriptiveness, genericness, secondary meaning, and dilution.  Plus you will receive a copy of our Get Trademark Smart! trademark law primer. (For existing clients this consultation may be a refresher session to remind you of important TM law concepts and check how you are using your existing trademarks in order to identify and correct any misuse). Our goal is to educate you – our client – about trademark law so that you can use trademarks wisely.

You will receive a copy of the comprehensive search report and attorney opinion letter as to the availability of the mark for use and registration.   

After the search is completed and you have received the opinion letter and any additional consultation about the proposed mark, it will be time to decide whether to proceed with a trademark application to register the mark with the USPTO.  Our trademark application service includes  a one year trademark watch subscription PLUS a mid-year TM usage review.*

You will receive an electronic copy of the trademark application filing order for your review prior to filing.  Once you have approved the filing order and provided any necessary specimens of use, we will file the application for you.  You will receive an electronic filing receipt as proof of the filing. .

About our Comprehensive Trademark Search - Our trademark search services provide you with vital business intelligence.  It’s very important to conduct a comprehensive trademark search before you apply for registration or begin using a new trademark.  By doing so you may be able to avoid expensive and disruptive problems stemming from use of a trademark that infringes on another party’s rights. 

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*Restrictions Apply:

*(Above quoted prices are for ordinary non-complex trademark searches and applications and do not include USPTO filing fees)

*trademark monitoring subscription renews annually unless cancelled.  Please call in approximately six months to schedule your mid-year trademark usage review.

*Not included:  responses to substantive USPTO refusals or complicated Office actions, USPTO filing fees, Statement of Use preparation and filing fees or opposition proceedings.

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