What's Next?

Now that your trademark is registered, you need to make sure to safeguard your valuable asset.  There are a few things you should do:

  • Subscribe for trademark monitoring and docketing service – this subscription is designed to notify you when another party is trying to register a trademark that may be too similar to yours, and also to alert you of upcoming filing deadlines so that you do not lose your trademark registration because of failure to make a mandatory post-registration filing. Some trademark owners may need more extensive monitoring – for example, common law trademark watching. Our trademark monitoring subscriptions can be tailored to your needs – please call to discuss your requirements.
  • Subscribe for ongoing trademark use review.  This is designed to regularly review your website or other promotional materials and/or your use of your trademark on your products or product packaging to ensure you are properly using the mark so as to preserve your right to use the trademark and your right to retain the trademark registration.
  • Develop and implement strict guidelines that govern how your company uses your registered trademark.
  • Always consult with your trademark attorney before making any changes to the way you use the trademark.