Why Low Cost Trademark Registration Services?

Why low cost? Because you have a lot of ideas.  You need to be able to protect your primary trademark, of course, but you also want to search and register other marks for other product lines or new services you plan to introduce.  Affordability of legal counsel becomes key when you have a lot of trademarks to take care of.

Why flat fee?  Because you also need to know up front what your cost will be. That is why we offer our low cost trademark registration services at flat fees – so you can proceed with confidence.  Flat fee billing means no surprises. You only will pay what you agree to pay in advance – before any services are rendered.  Flat fee trademark registration services provided by an experienced trademark attorney at affordable low prices. That’s what we deliver for you.  


Your trademark budget is limited. But you expect excellent service. That’s my promise to you – to deliver excellent legal services at affordable prices.  I founded Thomas M. Wilentz, Attorney at Law way back in 2003 with one goal:  to help small and mid-sized business secure their trademark rights.  After all these years, my firm continues to be the go-to resource for an ever growing number of clients, who rely on my experience and advice so they can use their trademarks safely and effectively. I’ve helped hundreds of businesses, and I’d love to help you too.

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